INSPIRE Program for Girls

INSPIRE is the theme of our second edition Rainbow Warriors (RW) Magazine for 2020. INSPIRE marks a new mentoring program for Women & Girls within the RW community. The RW community was developed with an underlying mission – to find women to mentor girls. Sounds simple right! Well it is. We all have passions and gifts. We all have life experiences that we can help to support others with. This is our calling as women and it gives us a purpose. We can’t be good at everything that’s why we need to work together to create powerhouses.

INSPIRE is a powerhouse.

This year we will embark on a mentoring program for women to support the girls of our community. To celebrate this we chose a gifted girl in our community to lead the way and her name is Jade Stoddart – Jade Stoddart Music.

When I first met Jade I was running a local talent show and instead of wanting to cook and serve people as I usually do; all I wanted to do was to sit at the bottom of the stage in awe of these incredible young girls who seeped with powerful talent and the love they carried from their parents was just so magical I could have cried. I’ve seen both scales of the spectrum of girls who have been abused and uncared for and the lack of support they have in their lives, to this incredible love from parents who hold their children way above themselves and usher them through life for simply love.

At that time I didn’t quite understand what was happening or what was going to happen to these incredible girls but I knew that at some point and at the right timing it would become clear. Month’s later when I was wondering who to cast for my upcoming television series production, it suddenly dawned on me that these girls were going to be the stars that I would lift up into the light and help guide them to be the best they could be on their journey’s. I loved music so it all made sense.

Be Inspired to Inspire

So to mark the beginning of INSPIRE we placed Jade on the cover of the current Rainbow Warrior Magazine issue. What an absolute star she is! The girls will take part in a journey of media, events and a television production. Along the way we will need Rainbow Women to instill confidence and belief in them and support them on their way.

The INSPIRE mentoring program will be looking for women to come along as mentors for future girls programs who are from all backgrounds. Whether it be art, beauty, hairdressing, fitness, well-being, business, cooking, dance, music or any skill – we need you!

I believe that as women we will not only INSPIRE the girls but they will be INSPIRING to us even more!

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